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A little bit about us

Hi so I suppose we should start by telling you all a little bit about ourselves. I'm Ashleen I'm 29 (although I'd rather not talk about it) and I'm from Ireland. Last year I married the most amazing woman in the world Amy. Amy is 28 and shes a Kiwi, (no not the fruit) shes from New Zealand.

Ireland and New Zealand are 11,554 miles apart so you could say it's been quite the journey. It's a journey that has had 6 visas, 3 countries, 1 ship and 2 fur babies. We wanted to start this blog to share our experiences as not only a multi-national couple but also as a LGBT couple. We'll take you back through our past experiences, how we got to here as well as keeping you up to date with our current situation, which will hopefully include a pregnancy and a few babies!

So subscribe to keep up to date and hopefully you'll enjoy the journey....

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