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We decided to start this blog after beginning our research into all things babies. We realised that over the five years we have been together we have had to research a lot, like we mentioned previously we have had 6 different visas throughout our relationship each requiring its own research and specific paperwork. We moved internationally, 11,554 miles actually TWICE! This challenge brought up its own research we’ve researched the best companies to transfer money from one country to another and hint it’s definitely not the bank. We’ve learnt about moving all your stuff from one side of the world to the other, what documents you need, how long it takes and how to shop around. We even took the cat and found out that pet passports are a thing.

Next came marriage, this was probably the most stressful research we had to do and there really was not a lot out there to help us. When marrying a person from the other side of the world there is a lot of paperwork involved, paperwork that has to be obtained in good time but not too good a time that it is no longer valid, see what I mean stressful! There’s also an interview to complete all before you can get your marriage licence. We had to do crazy amounts of research and many hours of phone calls both within Ireland and to New Zealand. Trying to enjoy the build up to your wedding is difficult when you only get the marriage licence 3 days before you’re due to get married.

Like we said next comes the babies and already this is crazy, what method to use, IVF, IUI, sperm donation? When we get pregnant can we both go on the birth certificate? What rights will the other mother have? What will the baby call both of us?

So we decided to tell our story and along the way give you all the information we’ve found over the years and if it helps only one person we’ll be happy because we would have loved to have stumbled across this when we were knee deep in research.


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