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The Engagement

The next blog we were going to write was one on visas but today came first. Today is our 5 year anniversary not of getting married but 5 years since we started dating and it’s the 3 year anniversary of when Amy agreed to be my wife. So we thought we’d share the story of that day.

It was never really said but over our time together it was kind of just realised that I would be the one popping the question when the time came. November 2015 and I realised that I wanted to propose soon so I had to start planning. I started by telling my best friend Sarah that I was going to propose and then Amy’s best friends Hannah and Annabel - oh and I won’t forget to mention my Kiwi best friends and pretty much co masterminds behind the proposal Kaylee and Georgia! With their help we came up with a plan, a treasure hunt! So now I had a plan and a ring next tell the parents… This couldn’t have gone better both sets of parents were so happy at the news, I explained the plan and we all got to work organising the details.

I had decided that I was going to propose on our anniversary since we had already booked an amazing weekend away in Queenstown, it would be the perfect way to celebrate. The proposal was going to happen the day before we were due to head to Queenstown, I wanted to propose in Christchurch and involve as many of our family and friends as I could without Amy finding out. The morning of the proposal I left for work with Amy in the shower thinking she too was leaving for work soon however I managed with the help of Amy’s mum to secretly get her the day off. When she got out of the shower there was a note left for her explaining I had organised an anniversary surprise and she didn’t have to go to work, instead wait at home and her first clue would arrive soon. I’ll stop from here and let the video of that day explain the rest…

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